What it is

Integrated Data Systems (IDS) are unique with each system often serving distinct data providers, partners, and governing structures. We support public agencies in ensuring that their IDS protects the privacy of people and data through appropriate governance and effective policies and procedures.

DISC efforts encourage data integration across sectors to provide a more complete picture for practical outcomes. DISC helps public agencies identify areas of improvement and gain an experienced thought partner for successful planning and administration of their IDS.

How we work

  • We accept requests for technical assistance through our website or by email ([email protected]).
  • We discuss your needs and work collaboratively with you to develop a technical assistance plan. Working together helps us understand the operation of your IDS, your current plans for improvement, and your goals.
  • Once we discover your needs, our services may include
    • Developing or curating resources that directly address your IDS needs without membership requirements or political influences
    • Developing or refining policies and procedures for researcher access, disclosure avoidance, or privacy training programs
    • Developing or evolving your data governance program
    • Facilitating and negotiating system features with key partners
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Our experts

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