System Security

What it is

Ensuring the safety and security of both public-sector data systems and the privacy and security of the people represented by these data is a critical component in operating an integrated data system. We provide public agencies with security resources and assistance to improve the security posture of Integrated Data Systems (IDS) from both external and internal risks.

How we work

  • We accept requests for technical assistance through our website or by email ([email protected]). 
  • We discuss your needs and work collaboratively with you to develop a technical assistance plan. Working together helps us understand the operation of your IDS, your current plans for improvement, and your goals.
  • Once we discover your needs, our services may include
    • Offering enhanced system reviews that augment public agencies’ mandated security reviews by focusing on alignment to the IDS’s legal framework and the potential for human error that can compromise IDS security and data privacy
    • Providing annual enhanced system reviews to a limited number of IDSs free of cost (the reviews are designed to yield an improvement roadmap for the IDS)
An illustration of a security guard standing in front of a secured computer monitor

Our experts

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