Engage with DISC staff at these upcoming events and tell us what you are working on.

Debunking FERPA myths

OCT 19 | 9:00 AM Pacific | 12:00 PM Eastern | Virtual

Join DISC’s partners at AISP and lawyers from the Public Interest Privacy Center (PIPC) for a session on dispelling myths surrounding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is crucial for safeguarding student information, yet misconceptions about it often get in the way of sharing important information to support families and students. National experts from PIPC, Amelia Vance and Morgan Leftwich, will demystify some of FERPA’s complexities, clarify disclosure limitations, and discuss the impact of the law on data sharing and integration. Attendees will get a refresher on FERPA’s core principles and explore real-world scenarios and use cases. Register here.

Three-Part Webinar Series: Artificial Intelligence–Opportunities and Risks in Education

Join DISC experts at a workshop series hosted by the Region 2, 13, and 15 Comprehensive Centers to share knowledge and support the development of state-level policies for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way we learn, and it has the potential to transform education at all levels. But AI is not without its risks. It is important to understand the potential opportunities and risks of AI in education so that we can use it responsibly and ethically.

Session 1: Uncovering the Potential and Risks of AI in SEA Practices

OCT 6 | 9:00 AM Pacific | 12:00 PM Eastern | Virtual

The first session of this three-part series will provide an overview of the potential capacity of AI in supporting SEA practices.

Session 2: Developing a Cohesive and Comprehensive SEA Approach to AI

OCT 20 | 9:00 AM Pacific | 12:00 PM Eastern | Virtual

The second session of this three-part series will support SEAs in thinking about a technology plan that incorporates AI policy by considering their processes to manage, operate, and oversee implementation with a goal of safe, equitable, and effective AI use.

Session 3: Promising SEA Practices in AI Policy and Implementation

NOV 3 | 9:00 AM Pacific | 12:00 PM Eastern | Virtual

The final session of this three-part series will highlight ideas in action from SEAs that are developing and implementing AI policies and procedures and engaging interest holders and educational partners with diverse perspectives toward making informed decisions about the deployment of AI.

OCT 23-24 | Jacksonville, FL

Join DISC with the Coleridge Initiative and Massive Data Institute for a session on Technical & Legal Conceptual Approaches for Nurturing State Whole Person Data Linkage Efforts.

Last Mile Linkages Workshop: Workforce and Education Connections in IDS

OCT 24 | Jacksonville, FL

As states and public agencies move to modernize their integrated data systems, they are looking beyond education data to available economic data. Join us as the Data Integration Support Center hosts a workshop on last mile connections efforts to integrate education and workforce data in IDS.

Topics will include state capacity for data linkages, challenges and wins around workforce and other economic data linkages. We will also use this as an opportunity to talk about the support that you can leverage through the capacity and resources offered by DISC and the Coleridge Initiative, as well as helping identify new opportunities for support.

Please register here or contact [email protected] if you are interested in attending this workshop, space is limited.

CCSSO Education Information Management Advisory Collaborative (EIMAC)

OCT 25-26 | Jacksonville, FL

DISC staff regularly attend collaborative meetings throughout the year. Catch up with us at the October collaborative.

Public Health Law Conference

OCT 24–26, 2023 | Minneapolis, MN

As DISC supports data integration across sectors, Laia Tiderman will be representing DISC along with staff from Public Interest Privacy Center (PIPC) and Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP) at the Public Health Law Conference.

Past Events

NASWA Summit

SEP 11-14 | Los Angeles, CA

Join DISC staff at the National Association of State Workforce Agencies summit as they discuss workforce data integration successes and barriers.

2023 NCES STATS-DC Data Conference

AUG 9-11, 2023 | Bethesda, MD

Join us at STATS-DC for more information on how DISC and WestEd’s P20W+ can support data integration and modernization efforts.

Association of Public Data Users 2023 Annual Conference

JUL 25-26, 2023 | Arlington, VA

Baron Rodriguez and Sean Cottrell will be representing DISC on a panel Exploring Data Science Horizons at APDU’s 2023 Annual Conference.