Legislative Analysis

What it is

The number of new privacy laws introduced in states increases each year. We support public agencies in analyzing the impact legislation has on established and emerging Integrated Data Systems (IDS). Our team is available to assist public agencies in determining the impact of proposed legislation to ensure impacts on an IDS are understood and intentional.

Providing thoughtful analysis of what proposed legislation has on an existing IDS ensures that public agencies raise awareness and fully explain the effect of proposed legislation and its impact on an IDS after laws are passed.

How we work

  • We accept requests for technical assistance through our website or by email ([email protected]). 
  • We discuss your needs and work collaboratively with you to develop a technical assistance plan. Working together helps us understand the operation of your IDS, your current plans for improvement, and your goals.
  • Once we discover your needs, our services may include
    • Providing legislative assistance and analysis through​ partnerships with policy-based organizations
    • Measuring the impacts of proposed and enacted state and local privacy and security laws on integrated data systems and research while still ensuring the protection of individuals’ privacy
    • Focusing on efforts that broaden federal education, health, and workforce-related regulations to purposefully address the privacy and security challenges with the current regulatory structures
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Our experts

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