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What it is

One of the critical challenges for Integrated Data Systems (IDS) is complying with the requirements imposed by the various federal, state, and local laws that may govern each of the data contributors and their types and uses of data. We provide legal expertise to support your agency’s legal counsel on federal, state, and local laws that impact the design and operation of an IDS.

We are a trusted partner helping navigate the complex environment and regulations for data sharing among public agencies, especially when sharing sensitive data through an IDS. In addition to our strong education legal supports, DISC also contracts with sector specific attorneys that specialize in labor/workforce, social services, data integration, and data security.

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How we work

  • We accept requests for technical assistance through our website or by email ([email protected]). 
  • We discuss your needs and work collaboratively with you to develop a technical assistance plan. Working together helps us understand the operation of your IDS, your current plans for improvement, and your goals.
  • Once we discover your needs, our services may include
    • Reviewing state-specific language for data-sharing agreements
    • Reviewing or developing your IDS’s legal framework
    • Conducting regulatory research on a specific topic or law
    • Reviewing or developing state-specific language for data sharing agreements or memorandums of understanding (MOUs) tailored to data integration efforts
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